General Rules

All anglers are to have their valid licence with them

No more than two rods per angler per swim .

The Pike season at KPAC is 1st Oct - 31st Mar. NO LIVEBAITING allowed

ALL Landing nets and unhooking mats are to be DIPPED before use, and must be used at all times. All anglers must have first aid spray, fish care.

Signs of pollution to be reported asap

All members to honour the country code

No fish to be removed without permission, no fish to be introduced into any lakes.

Members to fish from designated swims only .

Members only on back lake no guests allowed. Guest tickets are front lake only.

No boats, dinghys, punts or rafts to be used although bait boats are allowed

No litter to be left in any area of the park Membership cards to be carried at all times

Radios are not to be used at any time

No keepnets / slings / or scaks to be used

No firearms of any sort are permitted

No unused bait to be discarded in the water

All cars to be parked in the official car-park

15lb maximum strength line to be used

No nut baits to be used Leadcore shock leader is banned

No tents other than bivvies to be used

No fires to be lit anywhere in the fishery

Bar b q must be of the ground and not allowed on platforms.

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