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Leases two lakes on the Kennington Park complex. Day and Night fishing is allowed on the back lake for members only whilst the front lake is a day ticket water for those visiting the area and day tickets are available on the day from either of the clubs twice daily patrolling bailiffs. There is a good stock of carp, tench, bream, roach, rudd and perch on both lakes, with the front lake also containing some large pike for the winter months. To become a member, You must reside within 5 miles of postcode rm15 4pj

We are currently modifing our private secure lake, as pic above shows a new swim we aim to complete 5 swims this year, and we are seeking scaffold poles, corriggated galv sheets and decking planks.

Day Fishing on the Front Lake:

Day tickets now available.  Max 2 rods per angler per swim.

NO KEEP-NETS except official matches

£10.00  maximum for two rods -  NO NIGHT FISHING non members


A maximum of 10 anglers are allowed to fish the front lake at any one time,

Contact the bailiff on 07598 309617 between 7am - 1800pm.

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